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Vuoden Kuoro 2022

Female Choir Pihlaja is Choir of the Year 2022, chosen by the Association of Finnish Female Choirs!

"There were several applications for the choir of 2022 and the level was really high. In the end, Pihlaja choir stood out from the other applicants quite overwhelmingly. The choir's activities appeared to be versatile and active, well-planned, long-term and goal-oriented. The development arc can be seen and heard. The choir present as a strongly emphasizing community, without forgetting the role of the individual singer in the dynamics of the choir, as well as being positive and enthusiastic. The work they have done so far for women's choral music and art deserves thanks."

Our latest music video Yesterday was released in June 2023!

Pihlaja (rowan tree) is a female choir from Helsinki, Finland. The choir was founded in 2003, and is conducted by choir director, Master of Music Karla-Maria Toiviainen. There are 43 singers in the Pihlaja Choir at the moment. 2023 was our 20th Anniversary year!

Female choir Pihlaja's repertoire consists of both modern and traditional music, folk songs, and classical music. The choir also has a large repertoire of songs in English. We have recorded three albums - Näin unta kesästä kerran (2004 - trad. Finnish music), Enkelten laulua kaipaan (2007 - Christmas songs), and Luojan lapsesta laulelen (2016 - Christmas songs).

Pihlaja has collaborated with Mikko Pettinen, Merlijn Angad Gaur, Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo, Teemu Mattsson, Bianca Morales, Jaso (Jazz Society Big Band), Finnish Female Choir TAIKA and Miika Pelkonen & his band, among others.

We have participated in the international Tampereen Sävel Vocal Music Festival choir review five times (2003, 2005, 2007, 2013 and 2017), and will take part again in June 2023. We have traveled and performed in various different countries. For example, in 2011 & 2019 Pihlaja took part in an international choral festival in Italy, and in 2016 Pihlaja traveled to the Hague in the Netherlands to perform.

Pihlaja is on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr.

Contact us:

Conductor Karla-Maria Toiviainen

Email: naiskuoropihlaja(at)gmail.com / karla(at)karlando.nl

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This page was last updated on 26.3.2024. Photos of Pihlaja by Santtu Perkiö / Thomas Vollmann / Naiskuoro Pihlaja.